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Convert VHS to DVD and Video to DVD Transfer Service
     We offer a wide array of video conversion, image scanning
and film transfer services.
     Check out our new VHS to DVD Conversion services.

 Transfer Home Video to DVD

     We want to make your video to DVD transfer process as easy as possible.
     Most of our visitors have more than 30 hours of VHS tapes,
Hi 8 tapes or other videotape formats collecting
     dust on the shelf. Unfortunately, this video footage is
deteriorating, may already be showing the signs of
     age and needs to be converted to DVD. Luckily you have discovered
us and you can use our video transfer
     and video conversion services to preserve your memories of
your friends and loved ones for the future.

   New Slide Shows from your Photos


John Sahag Life Work Legacy DVD Sold Here

     We can create elaborate shows from your digital photos or old
photos we can scan and repair.
     Please view a few examples below. Most of my work is Birthday,
Anniversary and most popular, funeral
     services. Here are just a few.

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The quality is lower due to web constraints.


A Bridal Shower
A Dance Recital
LEHS 25th Reunion Show
LEHS 30th Reunion Show
                    Morphing Magic....just for fun

you'll need windows media player to view the videos. click the monitor to download



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